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Leather goods repairs, coloring and fine craftsmanship

Quality leather products, luggage and shoe repairs in Prague City Center

Our team

Our team We are a community of professionals, where everybody has years of unique experience in the field of leather craft. Our unique skills allow us to solve both common problems and very specific individual issues for custom manufacturing. We use traditional methods of craftsmanship, as well as, state-of-the-art technological know-how in our establishments.


During 5 years of market presence:

Heels replaced

satisfied clients served

wounds suffered during repairs

Our services

What can you expect from us?

Dyeing of leather products

Dyeing of leather products Providing a this service requires expertise in several areas. A professional can always identify the type of material, its properties, define suitable chemicals, and a suitable mix to achieve the desired color shade. Ideally, they are artists. Such masters are available at our address.

Custom order

Custom production Do you have your own draft? Do you want to make it as accurately as possible? Professional designers will be happy to help you. Based on your specifications, we offer an exclusive design, giving you a choice of processing options and materials. The next step is to process your idea and to make it become a reality in the shortest possible time.

All repairs

The combination of years of experience, skilled hands and flexible thinking allows us to assess the situation and come up with the best solution for the problem, whether it is fixing a suitcase, handbag, spectacle case, or changing the fastener. Our team of specialists will handle everything.

Embossing, carving, lettering, engraving, burning

These really exclusive methods used in the goods manufacturing made of leather materials. The high quality of the work guarantees products with long life service. We will be happy to create a unique design for you or choose a suitable method of processing for your draft of a product you bring to us.


A very common problem people are coming with is slipping outer sole. We all know that uncomfortable walking shoes can cause a lot of problems, not to mention that it can be life-threatening. We often do not think about it and buy something that suits visually with the hope that footwear will be properly made. With the onset of Internet shops, we encounter this problem more often, but there is no need to despair! Usually, everything is possible to suit your individual needs. We carry out stretching, stitching, shortening, spreading, changing insoles, heels for all products where this can be done. Every adjustment requires careful professional approach for which we hold responsibility.

We will be happy to consult you about the modifications for free.

Our prices

How much does it cost?

Outer sole(pair)

Traktor – 500,- Kč

Leather – 700,- Kč

Formal shoes – from 450,- Kč

Heel (pair)

Women – 2000,- Kč

Men– 250,- Kč

Traktor– 300,- Kč

High heels (pair)

Top lift – 200,- Kč

Change / leather stretch – 700,- Kč

Conditioning – 450,- Kč


Stitching – 800,- Kč

Change, sneakers – 900,- Kč

Formal shoes – 1200, Kč


Circumference – 160,- Kč

Partial – from 40,- Kč

Toe – 60,- Kč


By hand – from 120,- Kč

Machine – from 60,- Kč

Rubber – 300,- Kč

Zip Replacement

Boots – from 450,- Kč

Backpack – from 550,- Kč

Briefcase – from 700,- Kč

New zipper – 150,- Kč

Production (leather)

Belt – from 1500,- Kč

Slippers – from 2500,- Kč

Wallet – from 2500,- Kč


Toe shortening – 1200,- Kč

Belt shortening – 200,- Kč

Stitching shoes – 1600,- Kč

Stretching or shortening of boots in ankle region – 150,- Kč (300,- Kč pair)

Boot stretching – 150,- Kč

Disinfection – 40,- Kč

Stitching gum into boots – 1200, Kč


Laces – 250,- Kč

New insole – 350,- Kč

Patch – 150,- Kč

Reinforcement – 220,- Kč

Leather bottom– 400,- Kč (pair)

Leather insole – 300,- Kč (pair)

Reinforced heel counter– 400,- Kč

Bag Repairs

New lock or buckle – from 450,- Kč

New leather handles – from 850,- Kč

Conditioning on handles– from 300,- Kč


Women’s shoes– 500,- Kč

Men’s Shoes – 650,- Kč

Boots – 850,- Kč

Handbag – from 1200,- Kč

Toes – from 250,- Kč


There is nothing simpler than contact us online, you can find us at our permanent address in the center of Prague during the opening hours.


    Vladislavova 9, Praha 1, ČR

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 9-00 till 19-00; Sa: 12-00 till 19-00; Su: Zavřeno

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